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A funeral webcast is where a funeral or memorial service is broadcast live onto the internet for others to watch and hear at the same time.

Using the latest equipment and multiple cameras, we can stream live the service to our website which can be a cost-effective solution for friends and relatives interstate and overseas who are unable to attend.  It gives them the opportunity to be a part of the service from anywhere in the world and without the large costs of traveling to the service.

We can webcast from almost any location in the Perth metropolitan area provided that we are in range of a good 4G mobile internet signal.

While we are webcasting the event through our video equipment, we are recording the service and an edited DVD or USB copy of the recording will be supplied later as part of the webcast.

The picture quality of the webcast will depend on the speed of the internet connection at ours and the viewers end. We slightly reduce the video quality to allow it to be streamed as seamlessly as possible. Think of it as watching a clip on Youtube.

Speak with your Funeral Director or contact us direct to make a booking.

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